When you get a new client, how often are you thinking beyond the initial project?

Too often, freelancers only look at the work directly in front of them and fail to see the opportunities that lay beyond.

In many situations, the opportunity is there for you to turn a one-time client into a long-term client—all you need to do is look for it.

FreshBooks has some great tips that will help build those lasting relationships with the clients you love.

“Share Your Knowledge

Generally, your clients come to you for a specific service or product, but you undoubtedly have a variety of skills and breadth of knowledge beyond the work you are asked to deliver.

As you get to know your clients better you may discover other areas you can help out with, share your knowledge and apply your skills to a wider range of problems than your client expected you capable of. In sharing your wisdom you go beyond being simply a service provider and become a teacher. By doing this for free you will boost your client’s confidence, potentially leading to a wider scope of projects, extra work and extra pay.”

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