Are you finding that your proposals aren’t having the success rate that you’d like them to?

There is likely a reason that each proposal you send doesn’t win you the job every time.

While you are the only one who can truly determine what could be done better, there are a few common mistakes that freelancers make when writing proposals.

One of those mistakes that you’ll find time and time again is that freelancers simply don’t take the time to learn about the client—the focus solely on the project.

Yes, it is good (and necessary) to put a lot of time and energy into analyzing the project, it’s still important to remember who is behind the project—the client.

If you can take a little extra time to learn about the client, you might find that your success rate will jump dramatically.

“Step 2: Learn about the client.

This step is important because it tells you how serious the client is, the nature of her business, and whether you may have opportunities for future work.

I learned from the proposal page of the client who asked the cat question that she’s posted more than 6,000 jobs on Upwork (Elance / Odesk), and has spent more than $50,000. Other recent gigs she posted include:

  • Android developer, long-term, full-time position
  • Animator to illustrate process flows
  • Copy editor
  • Logo designer
  • Online researcher for sales team
  • Customer support associate
  • Economic consultant

You can tell from these details that the client is running or responsible for one or more serious businesses. She’s likely not a solopreneur or half of a mom-and-pop endeavor, although that could be the case. The takeaway? Step up your professionalism to win this gig.”

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