How often do you negotiate with your freelance clients?

I know that I don’t do it nearly as much as I should.

Have you given up your negotiating power?

Check out these awesome tips from Freelancers Union and find out how you can get it back.

“1. You forget to ask yourself what YOU want

Before you fire back an eager response to a client inquiry – yes, I can do that, it’s no problem; nope, I don’t mind adding that task on – ask yourself if you’re actually doing what YOU want to do.

If you weren’t exposed to external pressure at all, would you still be making this decision? Are you trying to be the Perfect Freelancer, at the expense of your own convenience, happiness, or success? Do you, in your gut, feel good about this – or are you experiencing a creeping feeling of unease? Beware people-pleasing. Follow your intuition.

Before you automatically respond to any client inquiry, check in with yourself. As a freelancer, you are theoretically acting as your own boss – make your boss happy first.”

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