Having the ability to write successful proposals is key to the growth of your freelance business.

A proposal is often one of the lasts steps you take to ensure you land a new client.

However, many freelancers are unsure of how to or do not take the proper time to craft an incredible proposal.

Luckily, Just Creative has 10 awesome tips that can help you write the perfect proposal and win clients.

“1) Keep it Short

Once upon a time, prospects would be impressed not by the content, but by the size of a proposal. If it had bindings on the side and weighed as much as a phone book, it was a true sign that you put time into it and you must really know what you’re talking about. In reality, the proposal was filled with boring technical jargon that would put most people to sleep.

Those days are done. Proposals should be fairly simple and to-the-point. Keep technical jargon at a minimum. If you use technical details, quickly define those details for the prospect.”

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