February 2016

Freelance Strategy: Set the hourly rate you deserve

Pricing is one of the hardest things to figure out when it comes to freelancing. There are so many different methods that can be used to determine your price that it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming. Often times, freelancers… Continue Reading →

10 Steps for an incredible freelance proposal

Having the ability to write successful proposals is key to the growth of your freelance business. A proposal is often one of the lasts steps you take to ensure you land a new client. However, many freelancers are unsure of… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can write amazing emails that win clients

On average, how many emails do you receive a day? 10? 20? 50? Whatever your number is, chances are that it is a lot. So much in fact, that you probably skim past a lot of those emails. Now think… Continue Reading →

3 Ways freelancers give up negotiating power – and how to get it back

How often do you negotiate with your freelance clients? I know that I don’t do it nearly as much as I should. Have you given up your negotiating power? Check out these awesome tips from Freelancers Union and find out… Continue Reading →

6 Tips for building lasting relationships with clients

When you get a new client, how often are you thinking beyond the initial project? Too often, freelancers only look at the work directly in front of them and fail to see the opportunities that lay beyond. In many situations,… Continue Reading →

7 Self-management strategies for freelancers to optimize their time

Time is an extremely valuable commodity. Wasted time often means lost income. That’s why it’s so important for freelancers to work hard at mastering productivity and optimizing time. Unfortunately for freelancers, a million little things can get in the way… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to face your fears when starting your own freelance business

Starting a freelance business is scary. There are many uncertainties that can cause a lot of fear. However, it’s crucial that freelancers don’t let that fear control them, but instead face it head on. So how do you go about… Continue Reading →

7 Invaluable tips for reducing freelance costs

When you start freelancing, you might find that you’re not as busy as you thought you’d be. I know that when I first started, I just expected the clients to start rolling in from out of nowhere. When they didn’t,… Continue Reading →

Grow your freelance business with 3 simple practices

Growing your business is something that all freelancers should constantly strive to do. However, the majority of the time growing a business is looked at in too simple of terms. You might tell yourself you will grow your business by… Continue Reading →

How to build a powerful personal freelance brand

  Building a strong freelance brand does not happen overnight. It will take lots of hard work, dedication, and determination. If it feels like I’m also talking about building your freelance business, that’s because I am. Your freelance business and… Continue Reading →

Questions every new freelancer has—answered!

If you’re new to freelancing, chances are that you find yourself asking a lot of questions. Asking questions can be easy, but find the answers to those questions can be somewhat difficult. However, the longer you freelance and more you… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can schedule their life around working from home

One of the biggest perks of freelancing is that it gives you the freedom to work from home. You can save money commuting to and from work, you don’t need to rent an office space, and you get to have… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should have a separate bank account

The majority of the time, freelancing isn’t something that happens overnight. You don’t decide one day that you want to start freelancing and then watch the clients come rolling in. Often times, freelancing is more of a transition that happens… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can stay focused during side hustle hours

Starting a side hustle has been talked about a lot already in 2016—with good reason. A side hustle can help you earn extra income while expanding your skill set and portfolio. A lot of freelancers tend to set aside specific… Continue Reading →

4 Smart moves for winning your next freelance proposal

Are you finding that your proposals aren’t having the success rate that you’d like them to? There is likely a reason that each proposal you send doesn’t win you the job every time. While you are the only one who… Continue Reading →

The 4 productivity apps I use to run my freelance business

Maintaining a high level of productivity is a must for any freelance business. Time is money and the more time you spend being unproductive, the less money you make. Luckily, we live in a time where there are tons of… Continue Reading →

5 Time management strategies for freelancers

If you’re like me then you probably feel like there is never enough time in the day. Freelancers wear many hats and the amount of tasks that each hat requires can be downright overwhelming. Sure, you can try to multitask… Continue Reading →

5 Powerful reasons freelancers should start saying ‘No’

“No” is a word that is not in many freelancers’ vocabularies. It’s not that freelancers don’t want to say “no,” it’s just that most of the time it’s simply hard to find a reason not to say it. The reality… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should take action every single day

Sometimes it can feel like a waste of time to try and motivate yourself. There’s the thought in your head that keeps saying “Why even try? You know you’re not going to do it.” Sound familiar? I know the feeling…. Continue Reading →

The ultimate brand identity style guide for freelancers

As a designer, I absolutely love great branding and beautiful style guides that go along with it. However, having a style guide should not be limited to just designers. A brand identity style guide is necessary for any business that… Continue Reading →

What to do if the freelance check never arrives

In a perfect world, every client would pay on time, every time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and the sad reality is that some clients may pay late or not at all. So, what do you do… Continue Reading →

Danger signs: How to know when a freelance client is going under

A lot of freelancers have a few larger clients and several smaller clients. This can be a fantastic way to build your freelance business because you’ll spend less time chasing down new clients and more time working on projects. More… Continue Reading →

How do I monetize my freelance blog?

Starting a blog can be an amazing way to grow your freelance business. Not only can a blog position yourself as a valuable player in your field, it can also give clients an inside look at your process and gives… Continue Reading →

How to “train” your freelance client to pay promptly

Do you have trouble with actually getting paid by your clients? If so, you’re not alone. Many freelancers have trouble getting their clients to pay—it’s actually way more common than you might think. While paying late is better than not… Continue Reading →

Tips for making a productive freelance environment

Your office is where you’ll spend a lot of time freelancing so it’d make sense that it should be carefully crafted to boost creativity as much as possible. The reality is though that many freelancers’ offices hinder creativity, not encourage… Continue Reading →

Simplify your freelance business ideas

Freelancers tend to be very creative people and, as a result, often come up with several business ideas. These ideas could be for a new side hustle or they could be for you main freelance business. Unfortunately, the ideas get… Continue Reading →

How freelance pros increase their response rate

It can be a real pain at times to try and get clients to respond to an email. I’ve had clients who I send multiple emails, texts, and calls to and all I get back is silence. However, chances are… Continue Reading →

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