You’ll often hear freelancers talk about the importance of having a contract and how you should never work without one—they’re completely right.

Contracts are extremely important, but not just for securing financial terms.

One great thing about a contract is that it clearly lays out what is expected of both parties. This could be anything from payment terms and rush fees to timelines and deliverables.

“2. You want clear deliverables.

A client can order one service and then expect another. They can order one product and then change their mind. You can deliver the agreed upon product and the client could come back with endless requests for modifications, alterations and “one last change”.

This pattern of behavior can be reduced with a contract. If your deliverables are in writing, there’s less chance for a dispute when they come back wanting more. You can always give it to them, of course, but with a contract you have the option of getting an additional fee for the additional work.”

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