Having an efficient freelance business will simply make your life easier.

Not only will you save time which saves money, but increasing your efficiency will also help you not feel overwhelmed and will allow your creativity to flourish.

Project Pulse has written an incredible piece with a ton of great advice that will help you make 2016 your most efficient year yet.

“The Efficient Freelance Business

The key to your efficient freelance business lies in getting your five “must have” functions right first and knowing which features you really need so that you can narrow down the selection of tools which will take care of them. Don’t let those “nice to haves” trick you into choosing a tool which doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Of all the core functions, finding an effective system for communication tends to be most complex, but it can be simplified with tools to organize your communications and make it easy for you and your clients to recall later.”

What are the five “must have” functions? What tools do you need for maximum efficiency?

Read the whole article at Project Pulse to find out.