If you want to build and maintain a successful freelance business, then you need to be willing to put yourself out there.

However, you need to be willing to go beyond simply contacting people.

While mass-emails may occasionally land you a few bites, there’s a much better method you need to try: connecting with people.

Unfortunately, what often stops freelancers from connecting with people is they don’t know what to say.

Luckily, Red Lemon Club has some great tips that are sure to generate a lot of new work.

“But what do you actually say to people?

I hate rules, but in this case I will give you a few guiding points to help define what it is you can say to people:

1. Find commonalities with the recipient (not vital, but ideal)

2. Adopt the mindset of understanding your value

3. Be honest about your intention

It does not need to be more complicated than this.

Finding common ground, even at a personal level is great to build rapport with people. It’s not vital, but will build trust in a budding professional relationship.

If you identify anything that links the two of you, in any way, bring it up. For example, a shared interest in a particular organisation, sports team, or conference you both recently attended, or merely the fact that you are both on LinkedIn, do it.

Referring to what I said earlier about confidence, it will help you massively that you approach someone in this mindset. You need to see the value in what you do, and you ideally want to position yourself in a way that demonstrates that you have options.”

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