January 2016

3 freelance resolutions you should make

While anytime is a great time to make a resolution, the start of a new year seems to bring an additional sense of motivation. However, coming up with a realistic, achievable resolution is a lot easier said than done. On… Continue Reading →

The introverted freelancer’s guide to local business networking

I’m naturally introverted. While I love being around others and meeting new people, I really enjoy my alone time and am not a big fan of crowds. This has made networking a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong, I… Continue Reading →

5 Awesome back of business card ideas for freelancers

While you may hear many people argue that business cards are dead, I constantly talk to several freelancers and business people who use them quite frequently. Having a business card with you is a quick and easy way to give someone… Continue Reading →

How freelance opportunity can be found through everyone you know

How often are you focused on discovering new freelance opportunity? If you’re like most freelancers, your answer is probably “not enough.” I know because I’m the same way. Sometimes it’s just easier to take a break from “freelance mode” every… Continue Reading →

How I’m staying a productive & creative freelancer as a new mom

A couple of months ago, one of my extremely good friends and his wife had a baby boy. When the baby was about a month old, I remember having a conversation with them both about how everything was going. One… Continue Reading →

Is curation the way to better rates on freelance job sites?

It’s probably a safe bet to say that at some point in your freelance career you’ve tried out an online freelancing website. You know the ones—sites like Upwork, Thumbtack or Freelancer. While it is entirely possible to land several clients… Continue Reading →

Why one freelancer rocked and really sucked in 2015

You can learn a lot from other freelancers. I absolutely love it when a freelancer is transparent with not only the good, but arguably more important: the bad. Dina Rodriguez from Letter Shoppe recaps the past year and talks about… Continue Reading →

Why diversifying your freelance income makes fiscal sense

Diversifying your income is a fantastic way to protect yourself during those months when the freelance work slows down. Simply put, it just makes fiscal sense. The folks over at Bidsketch have put together have put together an awesome list… Continue Reading →

3 tips to cleaning up a freelance mess

As much as you may try to avoid it, you will have to clean up a mess or two during your freelance career. The mess may be big or small, but it can still be difficult to determine the best… Continue Reading →

It’s time for freelancers to raise their prices

As we’ve discussed previously, selling a product is a great way to diversify your income so that freelancing isn’t the only way you’re making money. The problem that arises with many freelancers who try to do this is deciding the… Continue Reading →

10 ways to be a better connected freelancer in 2016

If you want to be a successful freelancer in 2016, there is one aspect of freelancing you can not overlook: networking. Forming connections with other people, regardless of if they’re other freelancers, business owners, etc. allows you to branch out,… Continue Reading →

How freelance side projects will change your life forever

Side projects can be an amazing way for freelancers to display self-determination, show off new skills, and create a diversified income—all of which can help you land more clients. However, many freelancers choose not to pursue many side projects. Often… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can turn a New Year’s resolution into an actionable pursuit

It’s the time of year when everyone seems to make promises they can’t keep—New Year’s Resolution. All jokes aside, the start of a new year provides great motivation for many people to make a resolution to achieve something. And for… Continue Reading →

3 Ways freelancers can get back on the creative horse this year

Several freelancers tend to have side projects they work on alongside their normal freelancing business—which is great! Doing so will help you diversify your income and stay afloat during those slow months. The size and intensity of the project will,… Continue Reading →

6 Ways freelancers can embrace and harness stress

Unfortunately, freelancers tend to deal with large amounts of stress. Many freelancers make the mistake of trying to avoid stress altogether when the reality is, that’s not just possible. However, it is possible to embrace your stress and use it… Continue Reading →

2016 Logo design trends

If you’re a freelance designer, then you’re probably looking forward to seeing the projects logo design trends for 2016. Well, I’ve got good news: they’re here! There is a lot that you can learn from looking at the latest trends even… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can boost their email open rate to 70%

When sending out group emails, it can be difficult to maintain a positive open rate.   Often times, freelancers find themselves spending a lot of time and care to create amazing content that is client focused only to add a… Continue Reading →

33 Easy ways freelancers can have a stress-free 2016

As fun as freelancing is, there is quite a bit of stress that comes with the job too. From the challenges of landing new clients and not ending each month in the red to the frustrations of dealing with scope… Continue Reading →

How to follow up with freelance clients (and not sound creepy)

It’s important that freelancers consistently follow up with potential clients if you want to see your business grow. It’s equally important that you don’t come off as pushy or creepy in the process. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said that done…. Continue Reading →

10 Tips for starting your own freelance business

With 2016 underway, many people are looking to start their own freelance business and break free from the “normal” 9 to 5 job. Although it’s much harder to build a successful freelance business than many people might think, it’s entirely possible… Continue Reading →

How to fire a freelance client

At one point or another, many freelancers will face the task of firing a client. Although firing anyone is not necessarily an enjoyable task for any party involved, it’s especially important that freelancers do it in as civil way as… Continue Reading →

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