It’s absolutely necessary to have goals in all aspects of life and freelancing is no different.

While you may be able to make it for a time without goals, you’ll eventually find yourself wandering without any real mission which can lead to the demise of your freelance business.

That’s why I love this article from Millo.

One freelancer shares her 10 business goals and offers many great tips on how you can set yours.

One of my favorite tips is mixing it up with several different types of goals.

“A healthy mix of short-term, long-term and ongoing.

If I only set long-term goals, it’s easy for me to get discouraged.

If I only set short-term goals, I’m not really thinking far enough ahead to sustain a business.

Some people stop there, but I wanted ongoing goals too: something that could never really be checked off, but that would be a timeless bar of achievement I’ve set for my business now and in the future.

If I really want Greer Genius to be successful 5-10 years (and more!) down the road, I’d better start thinking now about how to get there, and how to stay on track when the going gets hectic.”

Check out the entire article on Millo.