The majority of freelancers use social media in some form.

Even if you don’t have a profile for your business, you probably have a profile for yourself.

Social Media has evolved a lot in the past 7-8 years and it can be a fantastic way to met new clients and land new projects.

However, it isn’t as easy as posting a status reading “Hire me for freelance work!” There are certain strategies that you should be using if you want to generate the most leads.

Creative Live shares a few of those amazing strategies that focus on three of the largest social media networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

“How to find clients on Facebook

A key part of finding clients anywhere is networking. And the best place to do that on Facebook is within groups.

Facebook groups differ from pages in that they can be secret, private, or public. Unlike pages, a group is a place where anyone can post. It’s more about community and collaboration, whereas pages are usually a company posting their news, events, etc.

For freelancers, the key is joining groups where your customers are. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, join a group of small business owners/online entrepreneurs…who may need graphic design work.

Saad Kamal, an avid Facebook group networker who partakes in multiple groups, recommends to treat FB groups “how you would treat any other group social setting in real life.” Because “nobody likes a salesman”.

“Groups are a great place to showcase your skills and ability because even when you are helping just one person, hundreds are watching your depth of knowledge and generosity,” says Saad.

Providing value is key. Over time, others in the group will notice your contributions and start remembering your name. And then when they need help with your specialty (e.g. designing a new logo), you won’t even need a sales or a services page–they’ll think of you.

Saad’s number one FB group strategy is to take your conversation off social media. Social media is where you start talking, but you’ll want to take it to email, phone, or Skype to close the deal.”

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