All freelancers hope that one day they can catch that dream client. You’ve probably had the same thought.

Maybe your idea of a “dream client” is a huge corporation or maybe it’s a small Mom and Pop restaurant that you’ve always wanted to do work for.

Regardless of who you might think you’re dream client is, the reality is that many freelancers really have no idea who there dream client would be.

If you think about it, do you really know who it is? I don’t.

That’s why it’s important to first define your dream before defining your dream client.

“Start independently

You cannot find your dream client until you know what your dream is. What you need is specifics.

Too often, we land gigs and THEN start defining what our ideal job would be. We mostly do this by running smack into things that make us unhappy – and by the time we’ve identified what we DON’T want, we’re stuck.

Head off dissatisfaction by figuring out what you – independent of any client or demand – would want in the perfect job. Since this is just imaginary, don’t be afraid to indulge in completely unrealistic speculation. Our wildest fantasies often teach us something valuable about our desires.

For instance, if your ideal job involves “no meetings, lots of volleyball games”, you may be looking for an offsite, largely independent freelance gig in a company that encourages creativity.

What do you love about your freelance work? What do you hate? You may not find a gig or client that matches ALL of your parameters, but identifying what makes you happy can help you move closer to your dream client and their dreamy gigs.”

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