Making the jump from a full time job to freelancing isn’t easy and despite what you might think, there is no exact formula to make the transition seamless.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply decide you want to freelance, quit your job and immediately expect the money to start rolling in.

Although each freelancers journey will be different, it’s still extremely important that you do as much preparation as possible before you finally make the switch.

Yes, that does include lots of research and it does include saving your money for a period of time before you begin to freelance full time.

Just Creative has written an absolutely incredible article that will help you make the transition as smooth as possible. They cover everything from preparing to freelance, setting up shop, finding clients and more!

But, it all starts with a little bit of research.

“1. Do Your Research

Take it seriously. Just because you’re a freelancer doesn’t mean you get to lounge around on the sofa wearing a shirt that hasn’t been washed in, oh, weeks. You are an entrepreneur. Act like it.

Get a realistic idea of what you’re getting into and what you’ll need. How much would it cost? Consider domain, server space, software and stock subscriptions, rent and upkeep on living arrangement (which will probably double as your office space), legal requirements, and more. See these expenses for m

Make an informed decision.

2. Manage your Money

Yes, even before you start making any of it. You have to look upwhere a significant chunk of your money will go.

Tools like Mint and the friendly little Mvelopes will make budgeting easier, while Less Accounting and Zoho Books will let you manage your taxes, invoices and cash flow like a pro.

This is so you don’t binge on expenditure and then spend the foreseeable future living on dry bread sandwiches, in a hovel without water or electricity.”

See the full article at Just Creative.