If you’ve ever taking a marketing class or have been around someone who works in marketing then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Call to action.”

Heck, even if you think you have no idea what marketing is, you’ve probably heard or read about calls to action somewhere in some form.

There’s a reason for that: there’s a strong belief that a call to action is needed in some way in order to influence someones decision to make a purchase—regardless of if that purchase is of a product, service, or anything else.

However, does it really make a difference? Do calls to action actually help you land freelance clients?

Bidsketch has written an amazing article that will help you understand the importance of a well-placed call to action and how you can use them effectively.

“Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About Calls-To Action?

If you subscribe to any blog worth its salt (Like this one!), then you’ve probably read an article (or many) pertaining to this element.

But have you ever wondered just what is it about the deceiving humble element that makes blog authors attempt a stab at the topic?

The reason why you’re reading all of those articles is because nothing else compares to the conversion power of this one-three sentence element in driving conversions.

To be plain, you could have wrote the most epic post on a topic that blows all of the industry experts away. But without adding your CTA, you’re going to miss out on all of the conversion opportunities that it should have created for you.

Even if your goal in publishing an article is to brand yourself and create an aura of authority, you’ll still need a way of keeping up with all of your new contacts.

A CTA could and should be inserted in your article so that you can funnel your new readers on some sort of email list, or direct your readers to your authority product (such as a book for sale).”

Read the full article at Bidsketch.