Not only is it important that freelancers create a brand for themselves, it’s equally important that the brand is unique.

You don’t want to position yourself as “just another freelance.” Who is going to hire you if you’re the exact same as everyone else?

If you don’t already know, you need to discover what makes yourself and your business unique. What do you do differently than everyone else? What do you do better? Worse?

These are all questions that freelancers need to ask themselves. Then, once you’ve discovered your unique strengths, it’s time to emphasize them and make your freelance brand on-of-a-kind.

“2. Emphasize your unique strengths

Branding is how your audience identifies your expertise among others. Personal branding shows how your unique capabilities and positive traits make you the best freelancer to deliver a client’s needs. Your mantra should be “understand and be your authentic self,” as suggested by co-founder of FE International Thomas Smale.

What makes you authentic? Try asking yourself these questions: How does your lived experience make you stand out among the crowd? How can you connect your passions and your profession?

If you want to actively add a social activist component to your freelance brand – think about how you can incorporate that into your branding in a way that will help you stand out. If your potential clients are passionate about the same things as you, this offers up a common ground which is the fastest way to create a connection.”

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