It’s important that you work hard to make sure ALL of your clients are happy.

While there may be certain exceptions (we all know those clients who will never, ever be happy), it’s still a crucial mindset to have.

The reality of it is that while you should definitely work to keep all of your clients happy, there are certain clients that you need to focus on more.

You know the ones that I’m talking about. The ones who provide value, who you don’t have to chase down for payments, who provide big projects and a budget that even bigger—the clients that make work fun and who you want to work for. Those clients.

It’s important that you keep your most valuable clients happy.

How? For starters, you need to be reliable.

“5. Be Reliable

Winning every contract might sound like a great idea, and after all, doesn’t everyone exaggerate what they can achieve? People can get so wrapped up in the need to win a project that they promise the moon and stars, but end up disappointing the client. If you do this, you’re lining yourself up for a poor outcome and potentially a bad name.

Make sure you have a project scope from the outset and stick to it. Don’t promise anything you aren’t sure you can deliver – be realistic about what you can do. Set a working schedule for each element of the project so that the client understands how long it’s likely to take.

Invoice regularly – many clients will expect you to invoice at a particular time of the month, every month; make sure you understand when this is and the format they expect from an invoice. Be there when you say you will. Do what you say you’ll do.”

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