Amazing, quality clients are every freelancers dream.

They not only make nearly every aspect of the job easier, but the added joy of working with them can definitely help you produce some amazing work.

However, not every client is going to be amazing and that’s why it’s extremely important to pursue the ones who are.

A great way that you can do that is by doing something many freelancers neglect—following up.

“#3: Follow up

If you’ve had an interview with the client, wait 48 hours and then follow up with them, but in a way that is helpful.

This means thinking outside the square and offering more value to them. During your interview, you would likely have found out more about the client, armed with this information, you can now think of other ways that you could help them.

In your follow up email, you could give them one or two suggestions that they can implement straight away that will help them in their business. Not only does this increase your chances of landing the job, it also shows initiative and further cements the impression they have of you — that you’re a quality freelancer and someone that they can work with long-term!”

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