What is your creative process like? How do you go from a blank sheet of paper to a finished product?

Believe it or not, there actually is a method to the freelance madness. While every freelancer’s process will be a little different, it’s essential that they are built on the foundation of 5 basic principles: preparation, incubation, insight evaluation, and elaboration.

It can be extremely beneficial to see someone else’s creative process to better evaluate and modify your own and Creative Live does just that.

They take a look into the the creative process of entrepreneur James Taylor and see exactly how he handles each stage including the one that’s often overlooked, incubation.


This second stage might sound a little strange because it calls for you to, well, do nothing.

JT: “On the surface people think you are doing nothing, but what you’re actually doing is you’re putting all this stuff… into the back of your mind and you’re letting all your subconscious essentially churn through all this information.”

Taylor suggests absorbing all that you can in the first stage and then switching gears to something entirely different. If you’re writing at a computer, or sitting in a room reading for inspiration – this is the time to get out of that environment and do something physical to distract your mind.

JT: “This can take days, weeks, sometimes months… The idea is that you may be thinking about [your subject] in the back of your mind but it’s not really absorbing and it’s not something you can really push. You let your subconscious do the heavy lifting here.”

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