So, you’re a freelance designer who is trying to get more exposure for your work and your business? That’s fantastic!

It’s important that you focus on marketing yourself, especially in the early stages of your freelance business.

However, marketing your business does not mean that you constantly try to “sell yourself.” In fact, if you constantly try to “sell yourself,” it could actually end up driving clients away.

Instead, you should focus on gaining exposure and connecting with a design community is a perfect way to do that.

“1. Connect with Design Community on Social Media

Social networking now makes up nearly 30% of all time online, so go to where the action is. Post your designs on Instagram. Share them on Facebook. Pin them on Pinterest. Tweet them on Twitter. Whatever platform you use, share your graphic designs with your friends and followers. All exposure is good exposure.

However, you don’t want your account to seem like a sales channel (even if that’s what you think would be helpful). Instead, engage with other designers through social networking. Share other designer’s graphic designs that you like more than you post your work.

The more you post content that isn’t yours, the more you will appear to be an authority on graphic design to other people. Message other designers you like and tell them you’re impressed by their work and have been sharing some of their designs. Maybe they’ll return the favor, and share some of your designs with their network.”

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