If you’re a freelancer, then it’s essential that you meet deadlines.

Not meeting deadlines can result in a lost client which can eventually lead to a failed freelance business.

However, the reality is that deadlines can be tough to meet and some people struggle with them more than others.

If you’re one of those who struggles to meet deadlines, then you definitely want to check out these amazing tips from FreshBooks.

“1. Write a List of Everything You Need to Do

If you’re presently overloaded with work, write down a list of everything on your plate. Make a habit of starting your day by writing down what must be completed that day to keep your workload in check.

There’s countless “to do” apps out there, both for your OS, browser and smartphone. I’ve played around with many of the popular ones, and you know what I’ve discovered?

Nothing beats a basic text editor.

Annoyingly, most apps I’ve used require too much time to open and close – and that’s time I need focused on work.

Of course, feel free to experiment and play around. I still do, even though I often end up right back at the basics. Sometimes simplicity really does work best.”

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