Creating a side hustle is a great way for freelancers to earn passive income and stay afloat during the slower months.

While some side hustles may take more time and effort than others, it’s still important to remember that they should not take away from your freelance business, only add to it.

So, how do you know which side hustle is right for you? Do you have no idea what a side hustle might even be?

Fear not. Millo is here to the rescue with an awesome list of 11 great side hustles that you can earn extra income from.

“#2: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a person markets products on behalf of a company, and earns a commission when sales are made.

For instance, if I am an affiliate for Amazon, I will include a special link on my website when suggesting a book to read. If someone then buys that book, I receive a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect side-hustle for those who create content online, whether on a blog, YouTube channel, or even Instagram.

The key to success here is promoting things your audience is actually interested in.

Real life example:

Brad Hussey, who creates web development courses, incorporates affiliate marketing on his website’s resource page. Brad shares recommendations of things aspiring web developers need (like web hosting), and earns a little something for doing so.”

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