January 2016

7 finance mistakes freelancers make (and the tools to fix them)

When you start freelancing, the financial aspect of it can be daunting. There is definitely a lot of room for financial mistakes, from small ones to devastating ones. Luckily, Freelancers Union has put together a list of some of the… Continue Reading →

How to write a winning freelance proposal

Writing winning proposals is an essential skill if you want to build a successful freelance business. However, it can be difficult to find out just exactly what a winning proposal contains. Many freelancers focus on flashy pictures and the perfect… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers should always use a contract

You’ll often hear freelancers talk about the importance of having a contract and how you should never work without one—they’re completely right. Contracts are extremely important, but not just for securing financial terms. One great thing about a contract is… Continue Reading →

6 Practical tips for starting a freelance business

Starting a business is difficult, but that shouldn’t deter you from doing it. Luckily, starting a freelance business can be much easier and cost a lot less than starting a tradition brick and mortar business. If you think about it,… Continue Reading →

Why can’t you land high-paying freelance clients?

How many high-paying clients have your been able to land? One? Ten? None? Regardless of how many you’ve landed in the past, chances are that you definitely want to land a high-paying client in the future. Clients with bigger budgets… Continue Reading →

4 Proven methods to get more freelance design exposure

So, you’re a freelance designer who is trying to get more exposure for your work and your business? That’s fantastic! It’s important that you focus on marketing yourself, especially in the early stages of your freelance business. However, marketing your… Continue Reading →

Navigate tax season confidently with this freelancer tax checklist

Taxes are confusing enough. Add in the ever-changing tax codes and you’re in for a whirlwind of confusion and frustration. Luckily, this awesome checklist from Freelancers Union takes a look at this years changes and how the affect freelancers. “1…. Continue Reading →

10 Pesky freelancing myths that hold you back

There are a lot of freelancing myths out there that seem to make their rounds every year. One of the biggest ones that stuck out to me is that you really shouldn’t freelance—you should create a passive income. While I… Continue Reading →

Full time to freelance – A step-by-step guide on how to go freelance

Making the jump from a full time job to freelancing isn’t easy and despite what you might think, there is no exact formula to make the transition seamless. However, that doesn’t mean that you should simply decide you want to… Continue Reading →

7 steps to making your freelance brand one-of-a-kind

Not only is it important that freelancers create a brand for themselves, it’s equally important that the brand is unique. You don’t want to position yourself as “just another freelance.” Who is going to hire you if you’re the exact same… Continue Reading →

5 Stages of the freelance creative process with James Taylor

What is your creative process like? How do you go from a blank sheet of paper to a finished product? Believe it or not, there actually is a method to the freelance madness. While every freelancer’s process will be a… Continue Reading →

11 Side hustles for earning extra freelance income in 2016

Creating a side hustle is a great way for freelancers to earn passive income and stay afloat during the slower months. While some side hustles may take more time and effort than others, it’s still important to remember that they… Continue Reading →

Grow your freelance business with a crowdfunding campaign that stands out

Developing a source of passive income is a great way to add security to your freelance business. When those slow months come along, you’ll have something to fall back on until works picks back up. Many freelancers often create a… Continue Reading →

How to write a case study that attracts freelance clients

Case studies can be a fantastic way to attract new clients and exponentially grow your freelance business. Not only do case studies give current and potential clients an inside look at your process, they also greatly help build your credibility… Continue Reading →

3 Workspace essentials for the creative freelancer

It’s crucial that freelancers create and maintain a good workspace. By “good” I don’t just mean a work space that looks cool or that has all of the latest gadgets, I mean a workspace that will help build your business, that… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to keep your most valuable freelance clients happy

It’s important that you work hard to make sure ALL of your clients are happy. While there may be certain exceptions (we all know those clients who will never, ever be happy), it’s still a crucial mindset to have. The… Continue Reading →

How to find freelance work on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

The majority of freelancers use social media in some form. Even if you don’t have a profile for your business, you probably have a profile for yourself. Social Media has evolved a lot in the past 7-8 years and it… Continue Reading →

11 Ways freelancers can get organized

Organization is key to building a successful freelance business. However, getting organized is not a small task and unfortunately, is not something that you can achieve quickly. If you want to improve your business then focusing on organization is a… Continue Reading →

The simple way to an efficient freelance business

Having an efficient freelance business will simply make your life easier. Not only will you save time which saves money, but increasing your efficiency will also help you not feel overwhelmed and will allow your creativity to flourish. Project Pulse… Continue Reading →

11 Tips for freelancers who struggle with deadlines

If you’re a freelancer, then it’s essential that you meet deadlines. Not meeting deadlines can result in a lost client which can eventually lead to a failed freelance business. However, the reality is that deadlines can be tough to meet… Continue Reading →

6 Things to do when your freelance client wants to change your work

It always seems to work out that whenever you create something amazing for your client, they want to change it. The situation is complicated even more because they are paying you to create something for them so that means you… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to land amazing freelance clients this year

Amazing, quality clients are every freelancers dream. They not only make nearly every aspect of the job easier, but the added joy of working with them can definitely help you produce some amazing work. However, not every client is going… Continue Reading →

My 10 freelance business goals and tips for setting yours

It’s absolutely necessary to have goals in all aspects of life and freelancing is no different. While you may be able to make it for a time without goals, you’ll eventually find yourself wandering without any real mission which can… Continue Reading →

The best way to connect with people and generate freelance work

If you want to build and maintain a successful freelance business, then you need to be willing to put yourself out there. However, you need to be willing to go beyond simply contacting people. While mass-emails may occasionally land you… Continue Reading →

3 Books freelancers must read for a healthier year

Being healthy and fit becomes a pretty hot topic at the start of each new year. Although not much really changes when the clock goes from 11:59pm to midnight on December 31st, there’s an added sense of motivation and a feeling… Continue Reading →

How to catch your dream freelance client

All freelancers hope that one day they can catch that dream client. You’ve probably had the same thought. Maybe your idea of a “dream client” is a huge corporation or maybe it’s a small Mom and Pop restaurant that you’ve always wanted… Continue Reading →

Freelance taxes: how to prepare for tax season

Tax season is upon us. As much as you might cringe at the thought of it, there is no avoiding paying your taxes. Although the last day to pay your taxes is still 3 months away, it’s always a good… Continue Reading →

Should you barter your freelance services?

Bartering you freelance services is definitely an interesting concept. It’s something that not a lot of freelancers think about, but you should not rule it out. It is important to note, though, that bartering your services does not mean that you’re giving… Continue Reading →

Do calls to action really help you land freelance clients?

If you’ve ever taking a marketing class or have been around someone who works in marketing then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Call to action.” Heck, even if you think you have no idea what marketing is, you’ve probably heard… Continue Reading →

3 reasons to snail-mail your freelance clients

When was the lasted time you mailed a letter to someone? A week ago? A month? A year? I honestly can not remember the last time that I wrote a letter, stuffed it inside an envelope, placed a stamp on… Continue Reading →

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