December 2015

5 Simple flag design principles every freelancer should know

I found this post particularly interesting. Often times we are surrounded by something so often that it’s significance and design principles are take for granted. For example: a flag. There’s a good chance that you see some sort of flag… Continue Reading →

25 Ways to land more freelance jobs through email

It can be difficult to land a new freelance job through sending a potential client an email. You want to sound professional, yet still personable. You want to pursue them without coming off as pushy. You try to focus on… Continue Reading →

A freelancer’s guide to professional invoicing

When I first started freelancing, my invoice consisted of me presenting a final design to the client and then telling them in person “The cost is $XXX.XX.” While it was incredibly risky to not have a paper trail of any… Continue Reading →

3 Rules to live by when freelancing for friends

As a freelancer, you probably have your friends asking about your services quite often. Being a graphic designer, I’ve been asked by friends to create everything from album covers, business cards and logos to websites, flyers and even bookmarks. Some… Continue Reading →

3 Habits to create steady freelance income year-round

Freelancing can be extremely nerve-racking at times, especially when it comes to your cash flow. The variation of income from month to month can often leave you on the edge of your seat. By creating a source of passive income,… Continue Reading →

What new freelance services should you offer?

Many freelancers tend to specialize in a certain area or cater to a niche market. While many freelancers lead very successful careers doing so, there is always opportunity to expand. However, expanding your services doesn’t mean that you have to… Continue Reading →

Improve your life to improve your freelance work

Whether you like it or not, your work life and your home life are tied pretty closely to one another. What affects you at home will also affect you at work. If you’re worrying about something non-work related, then your… Continue Reading →

3 Strategies to achieve harmonious freelance work/life integration

As a freelancer it can be extremely difficult to find the right balance between work and life. Add to that the fact that you most likely are working from home and you have a recipe for what could be a… Continue Reading →

A how-to guide for ruining your own freelance marketing campaign

Marketing your freelance business is essential if you want to grow and land new clients. While word-of-mouth marketing is extremely effective, it is still necessary to develop a strong marketing plan. However, many freelancers leave out crucial aspects of marketing… Continue Reading →

6 Tough realities about being a freelancer

Freelancing is tough, plain and simple. Those who says that it isn’t are either incredibly gifted in what they do or they haven’t fully jumped into the world of freelancing. There are several tough realities that you’ll face when you… Continue Reading →

4 Steps for attracting great freelance clients (before you even speak with them)

Who would you prefer to work with? A client who doesn’t know what they want, micromanages and pays late or a client with a clear direction who trusts your expertise and pays on time. I’m guessing you probably chose the… Continue Reading →

7 Tips to become a better copywriter for your freelance blog

Having a blog can be a fantastic way to land new clients as a freelancer. You can go in-depth about your process, educate your readers, and show clients what sets you apart from every other freelancer. However, if you want… Continue Reading →

3 Tips for securing repeat freelance clients

Having freelance clients who repeatedly come back is a sure-fire way to grow your business. It not only shows that you’re providing a great service, but it saves you a lot of time from going out and trying to land… Continue Reading →

Afraid of phone calls? Great advice for the phone-phobic freelancer

I used to hate making/receiving phone calls. I can’t tell you exactly why, but there was something about it that always made me cringe. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve slowly started to conquer this fear but I can definitely… Continue Reading →

3 Ways that freelancers can reduce stress

Freelancing can become extremely stressful. Between completing current projects, landing new clients, marketing your business, and everything else that freelancers must do, it’s no wonder how the stress can creep in. Unfortunately, too much stress can hinder your productivity, which… Continue Reading →

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