Although you try to avoid it as much as possible, sometimes bad things happen.

When those bad things directly affect your relationship with a client, it can be hard to break the news.

You know you need to do it, but you might not be sure how.

It’s not often talked about–how to share bad news with your client.

Luckily, Millo has some fantastic tips that will help you be the bearer of bad news and still save the relationship.

“3) Focus on the solution

…not the problem.

Of course, you’ve got to address exactly what the issue is, but move quickly through it and get to what you’re going to do about.

By presenting potential solutions, you’re doing several very vital things:

  • Showing you’re willing to be part of the solution.
  • Speeding up the problem-solving phase so you can quickly correct the problem.
  • Keeping the tone of the conversation as positive as possible.

Example: I’m not able to do X, but here’s what I can do: Y or Z. Do either of those work?

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