It can be difficult to manage “taker” clients that come your way.

You know the ones: they’re hoping to get something from you without much in return.

You’d think they would be easy to spot from the beginning, right?


“Taker” clients can initially look very appealing—especially to newer freelancers.

Luckily, Freelancers Union has some great advice on how you can spot and manage “taker” clients from the start.

“Taker Client #1

The dead giveaway: They say, “We want to work with you long-term as we grow!”

“Well, isn’t that dandy!” you might think. I hate to break it to you, but it’s usually complete and total bullshit. This is positive spin for, “We are brand new, we got no money, and maybe we know what we’re doing and will actually be around in a few years, but you’ll end up being too expensive for us, so it’s not really long-term. It’s short term ’til we have to cut expenses in, oh, two months.”

How to manage Taker Client #1: Listen to “We want to work with you,” ignore the rest, and ask for money up front.”

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