How often have you ha a meeting with a client only to find out later they’re expecting something you didn’t initially agree on?

While there will be circumstances where the client may be trying to get something for free, they quite often did not fully understand the terms of your agreement. Simply put, it just wasn’t clear to them.

So how do you clarify the expectations of the client the right way? That’s where this awesome post from Outsourced Freelancing Success comes in handy.

“Expectations will define the type of experience you have working with a client. It’s difficult to provide exceptional works if you don’t know what you’re meant to be providing.

It helps to guide clients in this way because not only does it show that you know what you’re doing, it also gives them an opportunity to provide you with further information or make changes.

Seeing expectations written out in this way makes it very clear for both parties to understand the outcomes – if the client reads these and decides to revise, it’s better that this happens BEFORE you begin work, rather than after the fact.”

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