Attracting bigger clients is something that many freelancers strive for.

After all, bigger clients mean bigger projects and bigger paychecks.

However, attracting bigger clients is not an easy thing to do.

One great way to do it is by increasing the credibility of your brand by becoming an influencer.

“Become an Influencer

Along a similar vein to developing expertise in something as one way of building credibility, think about how you could become a leader in some way.

Influencers are people who take charge, lead people and make a positive contribution to their industry and the world.

Influencers are not only restricted to experts, but are also connectors of people. You can influence by connecting people, either behind the scenes or more overtly, by setting up events, starting things, running things, online and offline, and getting people together.

Simply writing regular content for a blog on a niche area, or just talking about what you’ve learned from your own experiences will position you as an influencer. This is something that will increase over time as you contribute more and help more people.

Influencers tend to attract large followings, because they have assumed the role of a leader, another excellent side effect.”

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