The holidays are a fantastic time for you to gather together with friends and family, eat, enjoy each other’s company and think about work?

Maybe not so much that last part, but unfortunately for many freelancers, work is always on your mind and can stop you from enjoying the holidays.

Luckily, the folks over at Millo have some great advice to help you put work aside and enjoy what’s directly in font of you.

“Be still

True story: After I finished decorating the inside of my house for the holidays, I sat down on the couch and basked in the soft glow of multi-colored Christmas lights.

I took in the tree trimmed with 3 decades of memories in ornaments, the stockings hung around the fireplace, and the little village we add a piece to every year.

And you know what? Tears of joy, nostalgia, love, hope, awe, wonder, the missing of loved ones, and 1000 other feelings fell down my face as I reveled in the emotion of the moment.

It was glorious, and it reminded me exactly who and what to be extremely grateful for in this oh-so-short life.”

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