Freelancing often involves a lot of sitting, stressful work, and late nights.

What do you get when you add all of that together? Serious risk for health issues.

While being glued to your computer for hours at a time over a few weeks probably won’t be entirely detrimental to your health, doing so for a year or more could be.

Outsourced Freelancing Success has taken a look at 3 of the most common health issues that freelancers face and gives some great advice on how you can minimize your risk.

“#1: Weight gain + high blood pressure = Cardiovascular issues

This has got to be the #1 issue we face as freelancers, or even anyone that is working in an office. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time, in fact, our bodies were designed to be active.

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, say 2+ hours, then you need to create a routine that breaks up these periods.

Consider these options:

  • Invest in a standing desk so that you can alternate sitting and standing every couple of hours
  • Take a break every hour and walk to the toilet or grab a drink of water, anything that gets you up and out of your chair, stretching your legs
  • Start a regular exercise program. This doesn’t mean you have to join the gym either, there are plenty of other options open to you. In fact, check out the No Gym Needed 30 Day Challenge to see just how easy it is to do exercise at home!

By implementing a couple of these options, you can reduce the likelihood of gaining weight which in turn can increase blood pressure, resulting in heart problems.”

See the full post at Outsourced Freelancing Success.