Being flexible with your business is an essential skill that all freelancers need to have if you want to build a successful freelance business.

However, there are negative consequences of being too flexible.

Freelancers Union takes a look at the flexibility required to run a freelance business and discusses the difficulties that can arise as a result of being too flexible.

“Having no boundaries and being endlessly, perkily available doesn’t encourage clients to respect you or your abilities. Unfortunately, being TOO flexible sends the message that you are desperate for work and that what you do is simple. It robs you of your power.

Your boundaries teach clients how to treat you. When you work overtime to convince your clients that inconvenient, irresponsible, or underfunded requests are “NO PROBLEM”, you are hurting the perception of your contribution. You are encouraging clients to call you last-minute, to demand too much, and to pay you too little – because, after all, you said it was no problem.

So how do you differentiate between good flexibility and detrimental flexibility?”

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