It’s undeniable: your online reputation can boost or break your business.

A bad review of your business online, regardless of it’s validity, can hurt your business in unforeseen ways.

However, that should not be your only reason to want to boost your business’ online reputation.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you’re really focused on delivering your absolute best work to the client and giving them the most positive experience possible, then you won’t need to focus specifically on boosting your online reputation.

That’s why putting the customer’s experience first is so crucial.

“Put Customer Experience First

When it comes to your online reputation, customer experiences will make or break you.

Being honest and transparent is the beginning of a positive interaction. Everything you do should make your client’s life easier. And if it doesn’t, they’ll compare notes online and your reputation will suffer. It’s very easy for bad experiences to go viral.

Entirely too many small businesses focus on the next sale and not the current client experience. I’ve seen plenty of people promote things like a money-back guarantee, while making it hard for dissatisfied customers to actually get their money back. Creating loop-holes like this will hurt your online reputation – quickly.”

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