Procrastination can kill a freelance business.

If you continually let procrastination control you, you’ll deliver projects late, stop marketing yourself effectively, and the quality of your work will suffer.

When you procrastinate, it’s not an matter of if the above will happen, but when.

With the very real danger of procrastination at hand, you might be wondering how you can beat it.

One of the very best ways that you can conquer procrastination is by setting reachable goals.

“6. Set Reachable Goals

Procrastination can also rear its ugly head if a task is too daunting. It may not even be a large task, it can be some aspect of it that worries you, possibly unconsciously.

For example, do you have a goal that contains an unreasonable expectation such as a too-tight time limit, or a requirement to meet an ill-defined target?

Creating reachable, practical goals helps enormously. Analyze all aspects of proposed tasks, work out how to achieve them, and don’t be pressured into agreeing a deadline if you don’t have all the facts, or if you calculate that you need more time.”

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