At the end of each year and start of each new year, freelancers often look back on what they’ve accomplished and look ahead at what they hope to achieve.

Maybe you’re satisfied with the amount of clients you’ve landed in the past year, but you want to land bigger clients in the year to come.

Perhaps work has been a little slow and you’re looking to simply expand your client base.

You might even want to launch a new product or service in 2016.

Whatever your goals and ambitions are for the new year, I can guarantee that they all relate to one thing—time management.

Think about it. If you can manage your time well, you’ll be able to launch that new service, reach those larger clients, and take on more work to expand your client base. When it comes down to it, time management is at the heart of many things freelancers hope to achieve.

While we tend to neglect it and downplay it’s importance, there’s no denying that time management is the key to growing a successful business.

Luckily, Freelancers Union has some fantastic strategies to help you manage your time wisely and ring in the new year right.

“Go On a Diet

Gathering information and researching, talking about what must be done, and exploring just “one more source” or “running this by” just one more person may be subconscious activities that you are using to delay actual production.

Put yourself on a severe dietary restriction with the following:

1. Allow only 30-minutes in the morning to check and respond to emails.

That’s it. This will keep you from opening and reading all of those jokes and “spammy” things that keep showing up. Personal email communication should take place during lunch or after work hours.

2. Limit your time browsing the web.

It’s so easy to get caught up in reading just one more news item of interest. You do want to stay informed, after all. Restrict those activities to lunch or evening as well. This may be really hard to do, but if you want to be in control of your work day, you just don’t have a choice.

You can also get too caught up in gathering information and researching for a project you are working on.”

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