Talking badly about your clients will hardly ever end well.

Not only is it unprofessional, but also it can have a negative impact on your freelance business and yourself.


Well, as Creative Live puts it, “What you Focus on Grows.”

What You Focus On Grows

The premise of Ask and It is Given is that, “what you focus on grows.” If you’re focusing on negative things and talking about it all day, the negativity grows.

Take your bad client, for example. How they don’t pay you on time and how they treat you poorly and have unreasonable expectations. You probably tell everyone you know the story so they will tell you how you are right and the client is a bad person and then you’ll feel better. But you don’t. Sound familiar?

Observe how these conversations (and all the chatter in your head about this) makes you feel. Frustrated? Angry? The more you feel this, the more negativity you’ll find yourself focusing on, and the more this way of thinking will affect your life.”

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