I tend to lean towards perfectionism more often than not. I’m not quite sure how or when it started, but there are definitely times where my perfectionism gets in the way.

While perfectionism does have it’s place in the freelancing world, there are instances where it can actually hurt your business and slow your productivity.

Millo has written a fantastic article that details the dangers of perfectionism so you can recognize if you’ve fallen victim to it and determine what you should do next.

However, perfectionism isn’t all bad.

The good

Before I discuss the pitfalls of perfectionism, I do want to recognize that there are some major points in its favor, and examples of great business leaders who’ve triumphed with perfectionist ideals.

If you strive to be perfect, which, of course, you never will be, it does mean that you are always attempting to improve on what you are doing. This provides the opportunity to come up with some truly impressive innovations as you move toward that state of nirvana you crave, and in theory should make you an expert in your field.”

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