So, you’ve jumped into the amazing world of freelancing – or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while.

Either way, you’re probably read for a website.

You’re looking for a way to showcase your work, educate current and potential clients on what sets you apart from everyone else, and network with other freelancers and a website can help you do all of that and more.

However, not all websites are created equal and many freelancers fall into some serious pits when designing their own website.

2. Aligning user goals and business goals

When we optimize user experience, we aim to reduce friction in delivering what users want. In other words, we strive to meet the users’ goals.

To do this, of course, we research our target audience persona, track their online behavior, and determine their online personality type. Once we understand who they are and what they want, we can remove any roadblocks that make the experience frustrating.

This is ultimate UX, right?


Our websites are not online only to serve users. They must serve the business goals, too.

For example, a site like Walmart, especially during the holidays, sets a business goal of more sales. Walmart’s users, however, have a goal of finding the right gift for the right person on their shopping list.

By aligning the user goal and the business goal, as explored in this Walmart case study, user experience could be optimized to serve the user while also achieving the business goal.”

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