While not every single freelancer is going to be your competition, the fact remains that there is still competition out there.

If you really want to succeed and see your freelance business flourish, then you’re going to have to do something to “wow” your client – something that makes you stand out among everyone else.

One fantastic way to do this is to over-deliver.

Being average is simply no longer an option. You must go way above average.

Delivering more than what the client expects ensures you have one really happy client. Nothing is more valuable to your business than previous and on-going happy clients.

You not only want repeat clients, excellent testimonials and a track record of success, but you want clients and customers who will speak highly of you to others.

When people start to talk about you, a large amount of your marketing is done for you and you will start to gather attention in your corner of the industry.

When you step up and dominate in this way, rather than simply competing with everyone else out there, you have a huge advantage. You stand out, and you slowly build up a positive reputation. You will be first to mind when people think of needing a [fill in skilled creative profession here].

Bear in mind that most of ‘over delivering’ is rooted to doing the unexpected.”

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