It takes a lot of finesse to seal the deal with a client without coming off as pushy.

On one hand you want to get things moving. On the other, you don’t want to lose their business by coming off as too harsh.

While it is a fine line to walk, there are several ways that you can do so without losing your balance.

1. Give Prospects a Reason to Buy

You’ve qualified your prospect. You know they’re a good fit for your services. You know they’re interested. And nothing is happening.

Merely being interested in your product or services is not enough. You have to give your potential client a compelling reason to buy your services. If they have no good reason to buy your services, they won’t. It’s that simple.

There are two common methods salespeople use to give prospects a reason to buy:

  1. solve a problem
  2. create urgency

Let’s look at each method separately.

Solve a Problem

One good way to give your prospects a reason to buy is to solve a problem for them. Of course you can (and should) start to learn about your prospect’s needs by asking questions.”

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