There is a fine line between persistently following up with a potential client and being pushy with them.

On one hand, you want to show them how much you would like their business and how you could help them grow their business.

On the other hand, you don’t want to come off as pushy and end up scaring them away altogether.

Something that all freelancers need to remember is that when you’re going after a new client you need to give it some time.

Give it time

Following up is a good thing – but make sure you’re giving your potential client breathing space.

When we push too hard, too fast with potential clients, we’re signaling that we don’t believe in the strength of our pitch. Resist the urge to bombard that dream client with pushiness. Instead, start cultivating a long-term relationship.

If you’ve sent an initial pitch, wait at least a week before you follow up. Don’t take it personally if you haven’t heard back; people get busy! Focus on other things for a bit, and be patient. Follow common sense social cues, and give people space to respond.”

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