Marketing your business is not as easy as you might think.

While you can work hard developing a full-on marketing plan, there are some hacks that you can start doing right away.

One of those hacks that will help you land new clients and educate your current ones is writing in-depth blog articles.

“Write In-Depth Blog Articles

Search engines and people both love in-depth blog articles as a content marketing strategy.

In-depth can be defined as considering multiple aspects, details or angles of the chosen topic. They’re also well researched, referenced and seem credible.

This isn’t just a suspicion, Google is a huge fan of longer articles. Research firm serpIQ analyzed the top 10 results for approximately 20,000 keywords and identified an important pattern: web pages with a high amount of content ranked higher. The average word count of the number one result was 2,416, with the 10th result being 2,032.

And your target audience will love them, too. (After all, Google serves results based on what the searches want and need.) Put in the time to create in-depth blog posts to rank highly so that new clients will find you.”

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