Finding your creative passion may take a lot of trial and error or it may come instantly.

Regardless of which camp you fall under, one thing is certain: you will know with absolute certainty when you’ve found your passion.

However, many freelancers make the mistake of trying too many things at one time when searching for their passion.

Often times, it’s most beneficial to stick with one pursuit at a time.

Sticking with one pursuit

Whether you know what your one thing is or not, it’s good to understand what to do once you’ve found it.

As scary as it’s going to be, it’s time to niche down and go all in.

If you must, pull all the work off your website that doesn’t fit your focused direction. If you’re no longer designing websites, remove them, because they’re no longer relevant to what you do or what your ideal client’s are in need of.

All irrelevant work and content on your website – gone. Now create or rework your brand around your niche.

Call yourself whatever you want, but when you focus and find the right words, you find opportunities.

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