If you aren’t asking the right questions during your client interviews, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Not only that, but you are also doing a disservice to your client by not giving them the experience and care they deserve.

If you want to “wow” you’re freelance clients and keep them coming back, then it all starts with asking the right questions.

Good questions are genuinely useful to you

Questions that arise spontaneously during the interview process are probably the most helpful and specific – try to err towards those queries.

But sometimes, the mind goes blank. It helps to have a few emergency questions memorized. To that end, here are some GENERALLY useful questions for many freelancers:

  • Do you work with freelancers often? 
This is a good way to find out if they have established processes, or if you’ll be breaking new ground.
  • What is your process for invoicing/project completion?
  • Who would I be reporting to/checking in with?
  • What is the proposed timeline for [project X]?

If we move forward with this, what’s the best way to stay in contact with you: email? Phone?”

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