The holidays can be a very busy time of year.

Between traveling, entertaining family, shopping, parties, and more, it can be difficult to maintain a solid freelance business.

One thing all freelancers should do before the holidays is front-load.

1. Front-load

November is a good time to start really preparing for the end-of-year bottleneck of holidays and celebrations. What can you do now to make things run smoothly in late December?

You can’t control what your clients do, but you CAN do extra prep now to reduce chaos later.

Get invoices pre-loaded and ready to send. Aim to finish up projects and meet deadlines before the holidays hit.

Make sure your clients know when you will and won’t be available during the festive season (nothing ruins a nice dose of cheer like getting a blood-curdling, urgent client email when you’ve just arrived at your in-laws’).

If your portfolio and resume need updating, now’s the time to do so; start the New Year with shiny, fresh material.

Most people’s schedules fill up fast during December. Get the work done now, so you can relax with a cup of nog later.”

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