When you start freelancing, you’re bound to bump up against some rough spots.

Try as hard as you may, it seems as if you’ll never get past them but wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid that friction altogether?

If there were a way that you could start out and stay on the right path, wouldn’t you do it?

One of the best ways that you can avoid friction and put yourself on that right path is by having the right contract.


Independent workers get in trouble when the work without contracts. A good contract will, among other things, state when and how much you are going to get paid, and lay out the exact expectations of the job. Unfortunately 40% of freelancers experience the pain of not being paid on time. Most good contracts allow the contractor to receive a certain percentage of the project value upfront — or if on an hourly basis, at the end of every week. Set up the right arrangement at the beginning to limit any confusion about payment and to set clear expectations for how the finished product is supposed to be delivered.”

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