Many people try to be a jack-of-all-trades type of freelancer, and with good reason.


Freelancing requires you to wear so many different hats that it’s often necessary to run all aspects of a business yourself.

However, there are several tasks that you can outsource. Doing so will free up valuable time that you can spend elsewhere to grow your business.

One of those tasks that can take up a lot of time is managing social media and it’s something that you should really consider outsourcing.

4: Social media management

With more than 3 billion daily users of the Internet, nearly a million websites and a multitude of online social networking platforms, making social media really work for you can be ridiculously time-intensive.

Instead, hire a virtual assistant with experience and expertise to implement strategy, purpose and consistency in a social media campaign.

These include:

  • Posting
  • Engagement
  • Qualifying focus groups
  • Qualifying contacts
  • E-mail marketing

Conceptualization of calls-to-action”

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