November 2015

How freelancers can close the deal (without seeming pushy)

It takes a lot of finesse to seal the deal with a client without coming off as pushy. On one hand you want to get things moving. On the other, you don’t want to lose their business by coming off… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to stabilizing your roller-coaster freelance income

If there is one guarantee with freelancing, it’s that your income will never be the same from one month to the next. Even if you are able to secure some sort of recurring income, you’ll still have varying amounts of… Continue Reading →

Effective task management for freelancers

It can be difficult to effectively manage everything on your to-do list. Add in the massive amount of distraction both around you physically and virtually, and it’s no surprise that it’s often hard to get anything done. Seeing a project… Continue Reading →

How you can unify your freelance branding message

It’s important that your branding is consistent across the board. If your freelance business’ website is saying one thing and your social media is saying another, it can be quite confusing for potential and current clients alike. Luckily, this article… Continue Reading →

What to do when your best freelance client fires you

What do you do when your best client fires you? That’s a question that many freelancers, unfortunately, have to ask themselves. You could get upset or you could try to shift the blame. However, one of the best things that… Continue Reading →

How to overcome the 5 biggest obstacles to freelance business growth

Growing your freelance business takes a lot of hard work. Along the way, you’ll run into many obstacles that can derail your business. While some are avoidable, many are not. That’s why it’s important to overcome the biggest obstacles. Sometimes,… Continue Reading →

4 Steps to frictionless freelancing

When you start freelancing, you’re bound to bump up against some rough spots. Try as hard as you may, it seems as if you’ll never get past them but wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid that friction altogether?… Continue Reading →

The 4 main UX pitfalls to avoid when designing your freelance website

So, you’ve jumped into the amazing world of freelancing – or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while. Either way, you’re probably read for a website. You’re looking for a way to showcase your work, educate current and potential… Continue Reading →

Ask the right questions at freelance client interviews

If you aren’t asking the right questions during your client interviews, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not only that, but you are also doing a disservice to your client by not giving them the experience and care they… Continue Reading →

Over-delivery is the only way freelancers should do business.

While not every single freelancer is going to be your competition, the fact remains that there is still competition out there. If you really want to succeed and see your freelance business flourish, then you’re going to have to do… Continue Reading →

3 Tips for mastering freelance business card etiquette

Handing out your business card to potential clients, other freelancers, or anyone that could help grow your business is a great and cheap way to network. However, you shouldn’t simply hand your business card to a person because they happen… Continue Reading →

14 Inspiring websites for freelancers

Sometimes it can be downright hard to be creative. You might be suffering from creative block or maybe you’re just exhausted and your brain won’t work like it should. Regardless of if you’re having creative issues or not, kickstarting the… Continue Reading →

How freelancer can overcome email overload

How many times has this happened to you? You are working and everything’s going great. You’re productivity is high and you’re feeling good about the day. You randomly decide to check your email and before you know it, you’ve spent… Continue Reading →

6 bad habits of freelance designers

All of us have developed bad habits in some way, shape, or form. You might think that you’re the only one who has a certain bad habit but fortunately, you’re not. The thing with bad habits is that it’s often… Continue Reading →

8 Essential elements of an unbeatable freelance contract

Having a solid contract with your freelance clients is a crucial part to any job. However, you need more than just any old contract. It needs to cover all of your bases and be easily understood by yourself and the… Continue Reading →

Use your freelancing skills to develop new lines of business

Freelancing can potentially be broken down into 4 steps. Find Clients Complete Projects Get Paid Repeat Although it’s much more complicated than what I’ve listed above, if one of those core aspects of freelancing stops working for you, there could… Continue Reading →

12 Tools to start freelancing in the next 30 days

Regardless of it you’ve been freelancing for a while, are just starting out, or even thinking about starting freelancing, you’re going to need the right tools to get the job done right. You’ve probably thought about the essentials you’ll need… Continue Reading →

How to find community when you freelance by yourself

It’s no secret that freelancers have a much higher potential of feeling alone and isolated when compared those who work in an office or around other people. Many freelancers work from home which means that you probably don’t talk with… Continue Reading →

Advanced social media tips for freelancers

A lot of business use social media. Very few of them use it well. Along with using the right social media platforms, you need to be able to actively engage your audience and they should want to engage with you…. Continue Reading →

7 End-of-year tax moves for freelancers

The end of the end can be a hectic time for freelancers. Besides trying to fit in all of your freelance work around the holidays, you also have to be aware of your taxes. Although taxes aren’t fun to pay,… Continue Reading →

Is social media actually growing your freelance business?

How often do you use social media? I’m guessing quite a bit. You were probably on social media before you came to this blog post. You know what? Your clients and potential clients use social media too – and they… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can be persistent without being pushy

There is a fine line between persistently following up with a potential client and being pushy with them. On one hand, you want to show them how much you would like their business and how you could help them grow… Continue Reading →

Why perfectionism is a freelancer’s worst enemy

I tend to lean towards perfectionism more often than not. I’m not quite sure how or when it started, but there are definitely times where my perfectionism gets in the way. While perfectionism does have it’s place in the freelancing… Continue Reading →

10 Things I’ve learned from 10 years of freelancing at home

With today’s technology, it’s possible to work from anywhere in the world – which is amazing! As more and more creatives choose the path of freelancing, many of you are seeing the challenges and benefits of working at home. A… Continue Reading →

4 Things freelancers must do before the holidays

The holidays can be a very busy time of year. Between traveling, entertaining family, shopping, parties, and more, it can be difficult to maintain a solid freelance business. One thing all freelancers should do before the holidays is front-load. “1…. Continue Reading →

8 Ways that freelancers can stop being afraid of success

Success is something that all freelancers strive towards. However, the idea of being successful can be scary and keep a lot of freelancers from achieving it. What happens if your business goes in a different direction? What if you can’t… Continue Reading →

3 Steps to re-focusing your freelance marketing strategy

Finding a solid focus for your marketing strategy can be difficult. Often times freelancers focus too much on the wrong aspect of marking which can end up costing you time and money. If you feel that your marketing strategy isn’t… Continue Reading →

3 Lies that can make you feel like an average freelancer

I doubt that there’s a single freelancer out there who when they first started had the goal of being “average.” As it is with any job, although especially true with freelancing, there is simply no room for you to reach… Continue Reading →

Land amazing freelance projects (with budgets to match)

Landing solid freelance projects with clients who respect your expertise, have great ideas, and pay on time is a freelancers dream. The only thing that could make it better is if the budgets for those projects were huge. Wouldn’t you… Continue Reading →

23 Tips for freelancers selling their products online

Selling a product you’ve created can be a great way to generate passive income. From ebooks to posters, there is a vast amount of opportunity for you to start selling products online that you might have overlooked or pushed aside…. Continue Reading →

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