It’s a word that almost everyone hates hearing.

However, it’s a word that can be extremely powerful and can help you grow your freelance business.

Curious as to why and how saying “no” to your clients could grow your business? I was too until I read this article by Millo.

“1: Saying no to clients attracts higher-paying clientele.

Low-budget clients can be difficult to work with. They often:

  • haggle over prices,
  • waste countless hours in useless meetings because they don’t know what they want, and
  • constantly change their mind.

In the end, it’s costing you money to work with them! All that non-billable time you waste could be going into paying work.

Sound familiar?

When I switched to value-based pricing, I started requiring all clients to sign contracts that included an hourly charge for consultation, and a cap to the amount of time I would spend in meetings.”

Check out the full article at Millo.