Social media is all around us and only seems to become more prevalent.

Everyone is on social media at this point in time and it can be a fantastic platform to connect with dozens of potential clients.

You can use social media to share your work, look at others work for inspiration, network with freelancers, and more!

With all you can do with social media, why would one freelancer choose to kill all of their accounts?

Find out below and be sure to read the entire article to see how they successful market themselves without social media.

“Social media takes only a few minutes per visit, but the overwhelm wasn’t about the amount of time I spent there — it was about the number of times I felt the need to stop what I was doing, check into one of the many social media platforms, respond to messages/add posts/share/etc….and then try to get back on track with my original activity.

Then there’s the matter of being at people’s beck and call in three more formats (outside of email). Not to mention feeling the need to learn about and implement every new social media marketing strategy some Internet guru comes up with. (Facebook ads! Tweet chats! LinkedIn posts! Twitter contests!)

I can’t sleep on planes, so on this lengthy Lufthansa flight, I started reading blog posts and articles from people who had quit social media, and ran across a post on the Forbes blog about how the author discovered that his tweets actually brought very little return in the form of clicks onto his articles.


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