I know what you’re probably thinking, “It’s fall, not spring.”

Yes, while you are right, the idea of “spring cleaning” your freelance business is not one that should just be limited to spring.

It’s something that you should be doing about once every three months if you want to make sure that your business is running at it’s full potential.

What does spring cleaning your freelance business look like, though? You might think about in terms of literal cleaning (it’s so easy for your workspace to become cluttered), but spring cleaning your freelance business involves taking a look at your processes, updating your skills, and making sure that you’re presence on the web is what you’d like it to be. (Even though you should probably clean your workspace too.)

Outsourced Freelancing Success has some excellent tips on how your can get your spring cleaning done and it starts with looking at your current skill sets.

#1: Review your current skill base

So you’ve been thinking about upskilling and expanding your freelance skill base, but haven’t had the time to do anything about it. Guess what? Now is the perfect time to do just that. There are tons of courses on Udemy that will allow you to upskill quickly and for next to no monetary investment.”

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