If you want a business to survive, you must be willing to change, adapt, and try something new.

A freelance business is no different – after all, it’s still a business.

If what you’re currently doing is working for your business, that’s great! However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things up a little bit.

Shaking things up can be a fantastic way to draw in a few new clients and will keep you on your toes.

If you want to try something different, that doesn’t mean you need to completely revamp your business, sometimes it can be something as simple as taking on a project outside your comfort zone.

Say Yes to Projects Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you only stay within your wheelhouse, then you may never get further out where there may be more money, a larger audience, or other unique opportunities.

Cameron Gearen, a Chicago-based freelance writer says yes far more often than she says no to new projects, even when they feel new. “I try to keep in mind that my probable success is more about the skills I have, than about the literal outline of [a] particular assignment,” she says. “These skills will serve me well whether I’m writing an article for JP Morgan Chase or a newsletter for an insurance agency. For me, a lot of the trick is believing I can and will provide a product that will serve the stated need.” Learning new skills is made easy by tons of low-cost or free online classes (like CreativeLive!).”

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